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September 10, 2008


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Geof Bowie

seriously im going to do my book and ill send you the amazon link when its done... you watch, it will be out before your book as well...

seriously though, we all work under limitations when producing art (hello, photographing places with absolutely no light) which pressures us to exercise greater creativity and succeed (from time to time). otherwise we would just sit around and post party pics to flickr.

Stephen Alvarez

seriously, that is a nice photo. I am amazed at how a crappy camera can sometimes make a picture that is closer to the feeling of a place or experience than a good one.

Stephen Alvarez

A book, cool where can I buy a copy??

Geof Bowie

Now THATS a good idea. I formally announce my intention to produce a book based on my iphone photographs.


OK that's not bad Geof...but don't get any book ideas...yet...

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