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January 12, 2009


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earth eternal

My assistants and I were among the first to ever see the entirety of the Rumble Room in real time. The light got quite a reputation and people volunteered to assist just to see it in action.

HID Light

Very nice, the photo is excellent, thanks for sharing.

HID Light

Excellent photography...I Enjoyed it...thanks for posting.

darkfall online

There have been few other powerful lights tough enough to make it down there. I even strapped it to my assistant's harness as he descended a rope in the crush of an underground waterfall.
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Xenon HID

Excellent photography...Enjoyed it...thanks a lot.


Inteesting, the photo is excellent, thanks


Excellent photography...Enjoyed it...thanks

cheap aion kinah

There are other HIDs out there, but because the Polarion was designed for military applications it is different from the others. Most HID have a significant delay from when they are turned on to when the light hits full strength. Not the Polarion, flip the switch and you have full power, immediately. My other hid light takes a full minute to warm up...

darkfallonline gold

For photographic applications, there is one caveat. Though the torch generates true 4000K light on the spectrometer, the color really appears more green in the camera.

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