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January 28, 2009


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Geof Bowie

Yeah, like I said, I dont have confirmation on my source. However the rumor extends to the notion that the current beta for Win7 is indeed built on Vista, but that there is another distro that is in the works based on Linux/Unix. Note also that Mac desktops took a beating last quarter (down 24% based on year to year) and the only reason they came out ahead was because of portable sales (UP 34%). http://tinyurl.com/bvvkn4.

Jon T

Not sure where you get the Unix kernal bit from. I thought the base was just as Vista. No way has MS rebuilt it from scratch. That would have taken them some years, and they're not that clever.

As for Apple, it will be happy selling as many as people wish to buy, without being forced or strong armed to do so. If that's 12 or 16 or 26% so be it, they'll be fine with it, and us users will hardly complain. As for their market, it is already well established. It's the non-junk end.

And in a recession, as we are seeing, people will either go for quality or for the cheapest, hence Mac and Netbook sales are the only areas still growing.

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