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February 02, 2009


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shone city

have any of yall fools slide through www.shonecity.com, yet?


Ahh Uncle Dave ,
having annother look at the shot you will see that the dogs tongue is prominently displayed ....but is on the sunny side of the dogs face and the shadow is therefore hidden by the afore mentioned muzzle ...If that's what you call a dogs face!

david alan harvey


ok, i have a question...now, we see the dog's tongue quite prominently in the shot..where is the tongue in the shadow???

these are the kinds of questions i ask when it is late at night and i start concentrating on miscellanea instead of doing what i am supposed to be doing....

anyway, good on you mate..helluva shot!!!

and, oh yea, be really nice to my friend Stephen...he is a good good man....

cheers , david


Thanks Carrie , I feel like doing just that ...... walking away and having a beer , then go out and get me some more of those jumping dogs.

Carrie Roseman

We all battle our inner demons and beat ourselves up in trying to realize the perfection that exists in our heads. The coulda, woulda, shoulda monster encapsulates our fears and feeds the stirring self-doubt about our abilities to tell our story or someone else's story with our stamp on it. We catch the moments we catch for a reason. And to reflect upon one's experience is a great method to know how to do it better the next time, which, for me, simply means how to put a different twist or take on an image perhaps from a different angle, or maybe with a reflector, or whatever the difference may be. Once in awhile, though, I find that ya just got to grab a beer, walk away for a minute, and know that you're damn good. Let the pictures come as they may cuz you can't manipulate every situation that you are capturing. Bravo, Glenn Campbell. Don't let the familiarity breed discontent. I love this image. You caught the moment and the viewer's eye is taken completely around the picture. Good job, Jumping Dog Guy.

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