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February 19, 2009


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here is a link to a tv news weekend package using 5d2 with rode at -10db and camera mounted for all interviews and the reporter standup. i do simple one man band news with it, this is simply the raw audio no processing as it aired, altho the web site adds some distortion the way they post it.
only the voiceover was done without 5d2, at studio.

copy and click on


i have been using single system sound since december.
experimented like crazy with mics and levels and technique.
news and commercials and corporate video, with interview sound from 5d2.
for news bites and broll, use a rode shotgun mono with -10 db switch kicked in.
works on air no problem, no noticeable hiss.
for wireless lav, using a lectrosonics unit with receiver output adjusted to -28 db. ALWAYS have talent do a countdown from 5, and the autogain is fine.
THEN i run a simple noise reduction program contained in cheap adobe premiere 7 on all footage. the primary sound is untouched, the hiss is GONE. seriously.
sure beats syncing stuff up. sounds fine.



Yes, it is. I was the AC on MissHIV, a doc about AIDS in Africa. Spent a couple of weeks in Uganda, but never ventured too far from Kampala. We heard many stories of the conflict in Northern Uganda. Your work from there is stunning. Great job.

Stephen Alvarez

thanks for the info. It will be interesting to see how 2 5d mark IIs synch, I'm doing a 2 camera shoot with them next week and will post results...

Stephen Alvarez

responding to Matt:
Matt thanks that makes sense to me -in that sort of way that string theory makes sense- it seems like something is actually running at 29.97.

An unrelated question, at the opening of your reel is that downtown Kampala?


I think the issue is in oscillator built in devices. Every digital device has it. I usually notice this problem when I shoot 3d stereo movie with two, exactly the same camcorders (Sony via LANC controller). At the end of shooting, let's say 2 min clip, both clips can differ in one or two frames in length, which is of course unacceptable, because frames are not the same on left and right clip. To solve this problem I use special synchronizer. If you try to shoot video with two 5DMKII you will notice the same problem, both clips will be tiny different in length (if they are started at the same time). With different devices you will get bigger differences...


The audio drift is likely because your recording at 30fps on the MkII and at something else(probably a sample rate of 48kHz) with the field recorder. The field recorder may not even have timecode, but FCP is probably reading it as something different than 30fps. Audio timecode is arbitrary,read easy to change, but it is necessary for sync. Since slowing it down to .02% worked, FCP is probably reading it at 29.97fps. A minute is a minute on both devices. What really matters is how many audio samples FCP is playing back in a minute, read speed, in your 30fps timeline.

I think I just confused myself. Does that make sense?

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