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October 05, 2009


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after bypass surgery

Thought I would post as well. I have surgery two and a half years ago. I when from 225 to 128 and yes it has been a journey. I can not stress enough that exercise is key. As soon as I could I begin exercising and has made it a part of my life. I do not have the swagging skin, I have well defined arms, legs and abs. A first for me. I thinking about becoming a body builder.


Thanks for the post.

nintendo dsi r4

In these hard economic times, value and quality are even more important. The 7D does cost more than the 40D and 50D when they debuted, but it is worth it. The 7D is better built, has many more standard features, and produces better images.

Stephen Alvarez

@ kamau bilal I've not used the Zacuto. It looks good as do the red Rock Micro units. I was an early adopter to the video dslr world so my cavision set up is fairly custom. It took a bit of tweaking. The newer purpose made systems from cavision/red rcock micro or zacuto are all going to work well. Zacuto has a very good reputation.
check B&H


kamau bilal

do you recommend the cavision shoulder mount as opposed to the rapid fire by Zacuto?

Stephen Alvarez

There is an interesting solution to 5d mk ii and 7d sound in the comments of this post


Stephen Alvarez

Ira, I am not sure how long the clip length is, my guess is 15-20 minutes like the MK II. Yes Kids are something that you need.

Lucas, the auto focus is really unusable with video it is just too slow. I've not used a prosumer video camera, would it hold autofocus on the soccer game? Anyone?? With the Zacuto finder focusing is pretty easy.


Hey Stephen,

Thanks for the initial feedback. My 7D should arrive tomorrow. Really looking forward to the faster frame rate for slowing down motion. Is the rig pictured the one you shot the soccer game with, or was it handheld? Did you custom make that rig? I have the Zacuto Rapid Fire which I got for the 5D, and it works pretty well - the small size is the main advantage. It's really easy to break down and put in an ordinary camera bag.

Love the Z-Finder!! I agree, definitely worth it.

All the very best,


Ira Block

Hey, guess i need to get some kids so i can video a soccer game... The video looks good, and i like the 60 fps footage. Glad i have mine and the zacuto finder. How many minutes will the buffer hold before you have to stop and start the camera again?? Some of the folks i interview talk forever!

Lucas Ridley

Thanks for the post Stephen, I'm looking at buying a 7D. One concern I had was the autofocus during video. So you don't use it at all? Is it too jumpy or too slow? So that's why you were using a slower lens, so that it's easier to manually focus and be in the ballpark on the subject? Thanks!


Go Stingrays!

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