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October 11, 2009


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r4 dsi

I recently purchased this camera and wanted to post my impressions of the camera from the perspective of an average camera user. I bought the G11 for my wife, who wanted an easy-to-use camera with an optical viewfinder and a swing-out LCD that was viewable in bright light.

cartucho r4i

Overall, I like it; it is much more portable than a DSLR, though for someone who is used to more diminutive point and shoots, it may seem bulky. To me if feels light (almost too light), and it's compactness makes the controls feel a little cramped. But it does look pretty cool, and feels pretty sturdy.

Carsten Bockermann

Id be more likely to take the G11 with me than the Panasonic

Same here. I tried the Olympus E-P1 but find the Micro 4/3 format to be neither fish nor flesh. In terms of unobtrusiveness cameras like the G10/11 cant be beat.

Ira Block

Re: [Picture Stories by Stephen Alvarez] Carsten Bockermann submitted a comment to The New Canon G11 review by Ira Block.

The G10 and G11 are terrific cameras to carry around, but is it up to a DSLR quality? No. You can’t have everything as much as we all want a light carry around camera that will produce incredible quality images. I’ve played around with the Panasonic gf-1, and it does produce incredible files, but it’s a bit larger than the G11, and the lens is really big. It’s a real lens, and the chip in the camera is half the size of a full frame DSLR chip, compared with the tiny chip in the G11. I’d be more likely to take the G11 with me than the Panasonic. Though I haven’t used the G11 or G10 in my professional work, I do know of a couple of photographers who have published images from those cameras , and I know I could use the files from the G11 to get a publishable image. Another friend of mine who had an assignment in a country where he had to look like a tourist also used the G10. It’s always been a compromise in photography when it comes to lenses, cameras and technology.

Carsten Bockermann

So how did your comparison turn out?

I find myself schlepping the DSLRs all the time for fear of losing the best possible image quality, but I look back with regret to the times when I traveled with a Leica M6 and two or three lenses. The idea of being able to use a camera as small and lightweight as the G10 or G11 is certainly appealing. Did you ever use one of the two to shoot something on an assignment or do you use them only for personal stuff?

Stephen Alvarez

Ira I'll bring my G10 to lunch on Tuesday so we can compare.

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