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November 30, 2009


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nintendo dsi r4

I used Domke bags several years ago when I worked as a news photographer. The design was/is one of the best around for a bag to work out of rather than just to carry equipment. I liked the bag for its "floppiness" and its ability to mold itself to your body when carried.

Stephen Alvarez

@ David, I thought you'd like the Cware folks. Very mellow and very into what they do.
Who was that Magnum photog? Hmm, those who say don't know and those who know don't say.
merry christmas, enjoy the bag.
ps you will enjoy Ira's film at the seminar...

david alan harvey


well, i own all the bags you have listed, EXCEPT the one you have in first place....but, i will order it tomorrow...i did call the courier company in Vermont and of course they knew you....they sounded like a bunch of Vermont stoners , but what not to like? Phish playing in the background...hmmmmmm.....

you are right, bags are personal somehow...with us all day, all night and all around the town...with camera, passport, money, copy of New Yorker, and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.....we do not want them to be too large, or too small, or too obtrusive, or too.........too.

in any case, thanks for the comprehensive reviews...who was the Magnum photog you referred to??

cheers, david

Richard Starr

TY Stephen. Gear blogs by ppl in the field and q/a save me lots of time and postage...I live on a sm island far from a gear store where I can check out much of this stuff. Thanks for yours!

Stephen Alvarez

@ Richard Starr Honestly I just throw the zoom in the insert of whatever bag I'm using. The thing is pretty tough. I will pack my wireless mics more carefully. They are usually in a lowepro pouch with assorted xlr cables and at EV 50.

Richard Starr

Edit (posted before finished): How do you, or how might you, pack _just_ the zoom and audio stuff. I separate video/photo gear, audio gear and grip eq. Working on boats means compact space and lots of padding...I was thinking of a slighty larger camcorder type bag. I appreciate your reviews and any suggestions you might have.

Richard Starr

Like you, I've just gotten the Zoom h4n. How do you pack that?

John Marshall Mantel

I like the Lowepro CompuDaypack Digital SLR Camera Backpack Case. But it lacks a second zipper for the main section which can make it hard to close if you're carrying a lot of stuff.

Stephen Alvarez

@ paul I am presenting last on Saturday so I'll stop by. Probably coming down Wed night

Paul O'Mara

Stephen, I'm with you on this. I've got to agree with Carsten but how great to search for that Holy Grail of a bag. I'll be at the Atl Conference all day Saturday at the ASMP table. If you've around please come by and say hi.



Carsten Bockermann

>>One famous Magnum photographer I know goes on assignment with one camera and one lens, but back in his hotel room there will be 10 different camera bags… true story.

Sounds like David Alan Harvey....

My favorite bag is the Billingham Hadley. It's quite narrow but tall so it will take a 70-200/2.8 if needed. Very comfortable to carry and doesn't scream 'camera bag - please steal me' at everybody.


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