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January 22, 2010


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Paul O'mara

Stephen, I was in the Univ. Archive covering an event over Alum Wknd when the siren went off. Here I am with all the big dogs, some saying tornadoes never happen up here, hummm. I'll take the blind pigs and acorns shots when they happen. Keep up the great blog.

Josh R.

It's Midway one word.

Brina Bat

This has to be the same storm that tried to take out half the Huntsville Grotto with a Tornado.... check out this crazy shot that a friend of mine caught... I would have been running the other way! He whipped out his camera... http://www.flickr.com/photos/tylerpierce/4296795028/


Nice! I like the saturation.

Kimi Abernaty

Hello Stephen! Look what comes up when you google "tornado Sewanee"! I am glad all is well in Sewanee.


Wow, that is an amazing shot for sure!

Wendy Doward

Wow, that is an amazing photo. Scary but amazing. Much enjoyed by Wendy Doward, one of Susan Blettel's relatives in Warwick, U.K.

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