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March 12, 2010


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Stephen Alvarez

@ John M
I asked that same question of the IP lawyers. They said it would be best to register them as collections. In my case the UNPUBLISHED pictures would be registered by year.
Now I shot 100,000 images last year. So I would not register all of them, just the ones that 'rise to the surface' the ones that I will convert to TIF format, store in my database, send to my agency...
I believe the published would be registered in the same way. Registration is a bit of work. But if pictures are your lively hood the protection is worth it.

John M

"You can register photographs as a group online for a $35 fee"

what is a 'group' ?..........everything I ever shot or will shoot ?

Elizabeth Adams

Thanks for the info!


This post from Greg Ceo also crossed my reader feed recently, about registering photos as a group. Makes a good addendum to your advice:


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