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July 21, 2010


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A while ago I bought a Hewlett-Packard printers, it took less than two months it was broken.i am considering buy a new one,Good quality.
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The photos of Lemur's in the stone forest were great, I looked at some of them in your website. By the way I enjoyed going through your photos.

As a person who is interested in photography, I have this problem of calibrating the monitor for ages. I do not have the budget to buy a 2000$ monitor and the hardware calibrator. However, I tried my best to find a CRT monitor (regular LCD monitors are out of question for me, the contrast changes from top to bottom). I use adobe gamma to calibrate but It seems that my photos look different on each single monitor. I am becoming hopeless about it.

One small request for a favor. Is it possible for you to take a look at my photographs in http://www.photo.net/photos/AmirAli ? I have never heard a professional photographer's opinion about my photos. Maybe cause I lived in Iran, maybe cause I did not have access to lots stuff. It would be great if you give me advice. I will come back and check here for your response. You can also put your response as a comment on my blog, email me, whatever is easier for you works for me. Pleaaaaaasee.

AmirAli Sharifi

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