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December 15, 2010


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Taobao in English

Wow! I love this!*

Stephen Alvarez

@ Ben, I had notice that too. I mentioned it to the Photodeck team and they have changed the code. Now hitting the back button on your browser will take you back to your search results.


Congratulations on your new site - it has a very clean layout. I did notice one weird behavior though; when I search for photos and then click on one of them, I can't figure out how to get back to my search results. If I click the browser back button I get thrown back to the home page. If I click the arrow button above the image I move to the previous image which isn't in my search results. If I click on the image itself I get thrown back to its category. Maybe I'm missing something...

Christian Beier (CBpictures)

Hi, your new PhotoDeck site locks very nice and you have beautiful pictures there.

The handling in PhotoDeck is really easy compared to PhotoShelter and the support is always very nice and helpful. I wish you every success.

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