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January 24, 2011


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Thanks for posting Stephen, I've used the 5D to shoot video to accompany the stills of my exhibition last year, it's been fantastic to come around to the more colaborative approach that motion demands after years of being a solo operator , I've teamed up with a local editor and audio engineer and the first project we did together is here http://glenncampbellspictures.com/blog/shrine-exhibition/shrine-online-2/

Stephen Alvarez

The juicedlink does give very clean sound -provided you turn the5d pre amps all the way down, and if you are pressed for time is sure speeds up post. Even though I use the juicedlink, I'll record separate sound in interviews on a zoom h4n just to be safe.
I hadn't thought about screen sharing on skype, good idea

Stephen Garrett


Nice post. For video work with my 5d Mark II, I find that my Rode videomic cuts out sounds of my IS lens fairly well but the 5d still adds an annoying hiss to my audiotracks. I use a Zoom H4n for exceptionally good audio. It adds a bit of time synching audio and video in post but it's well worth it.

I've used iChat Theater through Final Cut Pro 7 to collaborate with other filmmakers, but in my opinion the screen sharing function through Skype is far superior!

Thanks for sharing your tips and stories with your fans!

Stephen Garrett


Hey Guys,

I just came across this blog post via a link from A Photo Editor... I've yet to shoot any kind of motion picture but am completely enamored with, more like obsessed with the idea of delving into cinematography. I've decided to shoot my first film on 16mm film just to get it out of my system. There's something magical about clicking and holding the shutter on a motion picture camera. That being said, I know there's no way in hell that I can afford to shoot much more than a couple hundred feet of film so I too will hopefully start using a 5D Mk II, 7D, or a 1D Mark IV at some juncture.

You guys should totally check out Shane Hurlbut's (ASC) website, he's a Hollywood cinematographer who has started to use a bunch of 5D's in his motion picture work on commercials and full length features as well if I'm not mistaken. He's been working with the folks at Panavision in Los Angeles to attach some AMAZING motion picture lenses to the canon bodies. The first link will take you to his website, make sure to check out his "press" section to access all the articles he's written on using DSLR's in cinematography. The second link will take you directly to the PDF that explains how he rigs his 5D's with Panavision motion picture lenses. Super



Stephen Alvarez

I had a 7d for a while but sold it because it couldn't keep up with the 5D MK II as a still camera.
The 7d was a very good video camera particularly for interviews (http://www.picturestoryblog.com/2009/10/poverty-a-poem-by-fred-taban.html)
If I had the cash I'd buy a the Sony F3, sadly I am still working with still photo budgets! The sony would give you a much better work flow and it works like a video camera and handles movement well (http://vimeo.com/17656332)
There is also the Panasonic af 100/101 to think about. Same workflow issues as a 7d but better form factor and audio.
If you can wait, I wouldn't do anything until after NAB (April 9-14). Lets see what Canon introduces there, with luck there will be something in between the Sony f3 and the Panasonic af 100 that takes Canon eos glass.

chris tangey

Ok. Yes that and workflow would be interesting. The Sony proprietary software that uses XDCAM format is supposed to be able to correct rolling shutter, but I am yet to have the issue. Some are saying the cheaper 7D might be more video friendly too, what are your thoughts? Maybe I might re-think and go back to a dedicated video camera like the EX1/EX3 or even the new Sony F3, aaah...technology and decisions, no matter what you do it seems you are outdated the moment you commit to something anyway! But then what of the Canon 5D Mk111? "Rumour has it that Canon plan to put 32 million pixels on the 5D Mark 3 sensor" according to http://www.eoshd.com/content/437-Sony-F3-has-4-times-light-gathering-ability-of-5D-Mark-II

Stephen Alvarez

2 words for you Tange, "rolling shutter" the 5d mk II and its siblings are great but they are no Cinealta! Awfully light and handy though.

chris tangey


I'm just about to go down this road so your post is very timely, no doubt I'll have lots of questions! One of the reasons I'm thinking of adding DSLR is that I've just bought the new Steadicam Zephyr, but after a workshop in Sydney over the weekend a 9kg video camera is proving a bit much! Next time you're in the outback you can have a play with it, btw congratulations on the Nat Geo magazine cover for "Paris" Fantastic!

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