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August 23, 2012


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Stephen Alvarez

two more photographers who should have been on the list

Lynn Johnson @ljohnphoto she doesn't post too often but when she does it is memorable.

David Burnett @davidb383 founding member of CONTACT, the best coverage of the London Olympics I saw was his instagram feed.

David Moser

Thank you, appreciate the response.

Stephen Alvarez

@David Moser I guess I should be more clear about what I mean by tectonic shift. It isn't a shift in economics, the economics of publishing continue to be dismal and in that respect instagram is no different than any other online photo sharing system. The shift I am talking about is in publication editors not being involved in photo publication. I don't really know about the New Yorker, but the @natgeo instagram feed is run by the photographers. The magazine editors are not involved. THAT is a tectonic shift. For years publications have been removing the photographer from the publishing equation. Instagram moves it somewhat back into our court.

David Moser

Ed Kashi's pictures for NewYorker have been brilliant this week, your picture on the motorcycle is wonderful, always nice to see the young girls Harvey hangs out with and read about his go-go-go life, one can only imagine, only imagine... but... Tectonic shift in publishing? = uploading "content" for free, like everyone else? With all due respect, because you are indeed working at the highest levels -- where's the upside?

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